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    A FDA-cleared wound solution that uses your patient’s own blood to support the healing of chronic wounds.

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    Explore our case study library to see how we are helping healthcare providers to better manage wounds.

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  • Healing Is In Our Blood

    By harnessing the power of your patient’s own blood, we’re helping today’s healthcare providers change the way wounds are treated.

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A FDA-cleared, wound solution that uses a patient’s own blood to support the healing of chronic wounds.


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Healing Is In Our Blood

ActiGraft transforms your patient’s blood into an autologous clot that allows 
the body's natural wound healing processes to operate.

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Introducing ActiGraft Virtual Training

A comprehensive product training solution offered virtually by our ActiGraft experts designed to fit your schedule.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“I recommend this to anybody that had a sore like I had for so long.”

- Ellen S., Patient, West Revere Health Center

“I was impressed with the consistent improvement in wound healing week to week with ActiGraft. I will be looking for more patients to switch to ActiGraft in my practice because beyond the results, the support I got from the company went above and beyond.”

- Dr. Claire S., MD, Melrose Surgical Associates

“I endorse Actigraft as it uses the body’s own healing cascade to help initiate the wound healing process, and has a unique role as a topical dressing in the wound care space.”

- Dr. Bryan Doner, DO, D&P Medical Group

“We conducted a clinical evaluation on two different male patients with diabetic foot ulcers that have been recurrent for 2 or more years. After 4 weekly treatments, ActiGraft had facilitated the resolution of both wounds.  ActiGraft has proven to be efficient in time and a cost-effective solution to chronic, stalled and vascularly compromised wounds."

- Georgeanne Botek, DPM, Cleveland Clinic

“It is very easy, its only once a week, it shows great results. The wound bed stays healthy, looking moist.”

- Nina Brophy, RN, Bear Hill Rehabilitation

"ActiGraft proved to be a very cost-effective solution; it has a relatively low-cost profile and initiates fast and efficient healing – factors that are incredibly important in wound healing. It is very easy to use. It can be created in 12 minutes and is applied to the wound bed on a weekly basis. This not only reduces interaction with the wound site but reduces the amount of time the facility staff spends on wound management. I was very satisfied with the results. ActiGraft worked very well to support the healing of my patients’ wounds."

- Dr. David Young, MD, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery UCSF

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We develop revolutionary wound care products that supports the body’s own healing processes.

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ActiGraft Case Studies

ActiGraft Case Studies

Explore real life clinical case studies showcasing ActiGraft's success in managing a variety of wound types.

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