Paraplegic Woman Finds Relief from New, Regenerative Wound Solution

April O’Donnell-Haertel, a paraplegic woman, suffered with a debilitating non-healing pressure injury on her buttock for six months.

After unsuccessful treatment for two months, April was referred to Dr. Naz Wahab, MD, Undersea & Hyperbaric Medicine, who offered her a new, regenerative wound solution.

As a paraplegic, April was taught to consistently check her skin for any type of wound development, but it’s hard to differentiate between how bad the wound is, especially when you can’t physically feel it.

That’s what happened to April. She didn’t realize a pressure injury was developing on her buttocks, until she noticed her seat cushion started to wear down – which is usually the cause of an ulcer in that location.

The pressure injury grew extremely fast and April was soon hospitalized, where she realized how bad the wound had gotten.


n the past, April was treated with a Styrofoam-type medication, which usually healed her wounds. But this time, it was unsuccessful.

That’s when April was referred to Dr. Wahab, who offered her a new treatment option that uses a patient’s own blood to create an autologous blood clot tissue to heal – ActiGraft.

April has been using ActiGraft for the last four months and has seen significant improvement in the wound.

“Since we’ve been using [ActiGraft], it’s been working terrific; the wound is healing up so much faster.”

-- April O’Donnell-Haertel


For April – these types of wounds are extremely debilitating. “I can’t sit – I have to be in bed the entire time, so I’ve spent all these months in bed… Not being able to go anywhere or do anything… It’s really detrimental to what we can do.”

As a result, April has missed out on everyday activities – like taking her dog for a walk in the park, and spending time with her family.

But with two months of treatment left, until an anticipated full recovery, April is looking forward to getting her life back. “Now that I’m getting closer to being healed, everyone’s going, ‘When are you coming out to see me?!’”

“Soon, guys. Soon.”

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