ActiGraft Supports Healing of Woman's Difficult BKA Wound with Failed Muscle Flap

Jill, a 68-year old woman, underwent a below-the-knee amputation in which muscle flap failure occurred, and resulted in a debilitating, non-healing wound.

For five months, Jill suffered with a non-healing wound at her below-the-knee amputation site. With ActiGraft – a new way to support the body's own wound healing processes – Jill reached complete healing in eight weeks.

Jill, a diabetic with peripheral vascular disease – a circulation disorder caused by narrowing, blockage, or spasms in a blood vessel – suffered a below-the-knee amputation with failure to the muscle flap.

A muscle flap is commonly used to eradicate infection and revascularize bone; however, it was unsuccessful. An epithelial bridge caused the original wound at the amputation site to divide into two, separate wounds – further obstructing Jill’s healing process.


After several unsuccessful treatments, Jill was offered a new treatment option – ActiGraft, a wound solution that transforms a patient’s blood into an autologous clot that supports the body’s natural wound healing processes.
While receiving ActiGraft treatments, Jill noted the wound bed continuously showed signs of healing. Each week, she noticed a decrease in the size, depth, and drainage of the wound – all positive signs of healing.



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Now that Jill is finally healed, she is looking forward to getting back to her daily activities.

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