A Diabetic Man Plagued by a VLU for Seven Years Finally Begins to Heal with ActiGraft

Shimon, an 86-year-old man with diabetes and venous insufficiency, battled with a Venous Leg Ulcer (VLU) in his left leg for seven years.

Shimon has undergone several treatments, including a number of catheterizations in his leg – until he could not undergo a further catheterization – ozone gas treatment, and hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments, all of which proved unsuccessful in healing his wound.

In the past few months, due to the emergency situation caused by COVID-19, Shimon was unable to receive treatment at the clinic, and the wound subsequently grew deeper and larger, spreading to the side of the leg.

Shimon’s family began to lose faith that his condition would ever improve; the numerous treatments and the countless number of doctors met, led his family to believe he was “doomed to live with a chronic wound for the rest of his life, without an option for improvement, just making sure that the situation does not become any worse or deteriorate”.


However, about two months ago, Shimon’s Wound Care Specialist suggested a new, innovative treatment that supports the natural healing processes of the body – ActiGraft – with the hope of improving his static condition.

For the past two months, Shimon has received weekly treatments at the clinic, and finally, after years of stagnation, his family saw significant improvement in the condition of the wound; his leg gained the color of a healthy leg and is covered with new skin. His daughters noted that, “The treatment renewed the skin and covered large areas of the wound.”

“We wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts – we hope that this treatment will continue to improve the quality of life of many more people, as they have improved our fathers.”

-- Shimon’s daughters, Dvora & Liz

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Now, two months post-ActiGraft treatments, Shimon’s daughters note that his quality of life has improved dramatically.

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