Pardes-Hanna, Israel November 11, 2019 – RedDress®, an Israel-based company with the goal of developing an economically viable treatment for chronic wounds, today announced the launch of its redesigned website. The enhanced website features improved functionality, streamlined navigation, and rich content geared toward patients and professionals alike, with essential information about the company and its revolutionary product.  RedDress’ revamped website is optimized to allow users easy-access to valuable resources and extensive product information across multiple browsers and devices. Key features of RedDress’ new website include: 

Enriched information about chronic wounds, RedDress’ product ActiGraft, and its patented-technology;- Patient testimonials and clinical papers;- Access to an educational program for wound-care professionals;- Meeting-scheduling abilities at upcoming events attended by RedDress. “We’re proud to unveil our new, education-oriented website,” said Alon Kushnir, CEO and Founder of RedDress. “With a commitment to improving the lives of patients at our core, RedDress®’ new website is designed to be a source of trusted information for our wound-care patients and the professionals that treat them.” The RedDress website redesign serves as a foundation for its digital presence and represents its dedication to growth and involvement in the wound-care industry. For more information about ActiGraft, visit

About RedDress

RedDress is proud to introduce ActiGraft, the world's first whole-blood graft, point-of-care wound care solution that recreates the natural wound healing process of the body. ActiGraft’s intended use allows it to be used on all types of chronic wounds including diabetic foot, pressure and venous ulcers. Designed with nurses in mind, ActiGraft is easy-to-use, cost effective and efficient. RedDress® is dedicated to developing revolutionary, biologic advanced wound care products, based on a patented technology to reproduce the natural process of the body to heal wounds. For more information, visit

About ActiGraft

ActiGraft is a first-of-its-kind chronic wound treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to create a natural wound dressing. The dressing is then applied to the wound, where it supports the body's own healing processes of the body. ActiGraft can be used for a wide variety of hard-to treat chronic wounds, including but not limited to:- Diabetic foot ulcers- Pressure injuries- Venous ulcers- Skin tears 

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