TEL AVIV, Israel and JACKSONVILLE, Fla.Aug. 22, 2023  -- RedDress, developers of the ActiGraft PRO system, a personalized and autologous wound care solution created from patients' own whole blood, today announced that its ActiGraft PRO product is now available through Vizient, the nation's largest provider-driven healthcare performance improvement company. RedDress secured an Innovative Technology contract with Vizient in October 2022 and G-Code reimbursement status from Medicare and Medicare Advantage in July 2023.


The agreement with Vizient now provides increased access to ActiGraft PRO to Vizient's customer base, which comprises academic medical centers, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks and non-acute health care providers. Vizient's Innovative Technology contracts are recommended after review and interaction with products submitted through Vizient's Innovative Technology Program. Vizient customer-led councils identify technologies that have the potential to enhance clinical care, patient safety, healthcare worker safety or improve business operations of healthcare organizations.


"We are excited for the momentum we are experiencing since obtaining Medicare reimbursement status and are thrilled to make ActiGraft PRO now available to wound care specialists nationally through Vizient," said Alon Kushnir, CEO and Co-Founder of RedDress. "Autologous, blood-based therapies are the future of wound care, and with ActiGraft PRO as the leading solution in the category, our contract with Vizient will significantly increase access to advanced wound care for patients and healthcare providers."


The ActiGraft PRO system is an autologous, point-of-care wound management solution created from patient's whole blood. Once applied, the blood clot serves as a protective covering and optimizes the body's own healing potential. ActiGraft PRO is designed to jump-start wound healing and to meet the needs of today's high-volume practices and centers, offering practitioners a wound healing solution that delivers a quick, easy, and clean procedure. Applied directly to the wound surface, the ActiGraft PRO blood clot is created at the patient's bedside in under five minutes by mixing fresh whole blood with our proprietary coagulation powder. ActiGraft PRO contains whole blood cells including white cells, red cells, plasma, platelets, and fibrin, in the optimal concentration required in the wound healing process. Once applied, ActiGraft PRO reignites the healing cascade, serving as a protective covering that supports wound healing processes which occur naturally in the body.


While reimbursement for ActiGraft PRO currently applies only to diabetic patients with lower extremity, non-pressure injury chronic wounds, ActiGraft PRO can be used for a wide variety of chronic wounds including but not limited to: Diabetic and Neuropathic Ulcers, Venous Ulcers, Traumatic Wounds, Post-Surgical Wounds, Skin Tears and Surgical Wounds.

Since RedDress received FDA clearance and a CE Mark in 2020, ActiGraft has helped over 6,000 patients across the spectrum of healthcare facilities in the United States and 30 other countries.


Disclaimer: The information provided shall not be constructed as a statement, promise, or guarantee that reimbursement will be received. Reimbursement requirements are subject to change at any time. Check with your local payer regularly.


About RedDress

RedDress is the leading provider of personalized and autologous wound management solutions created from patients own blood. The company's suite of ActiGraft products are transforming wound care, treating a wide variety of chronic wounds including diabetic and neuropathic ulcers, venous ulcers, pressure injuries, traumatic wounds, post-surgical wounds, skin tears, surgical wounds and more. ActiGraft PRO, the company's most advanced wound care product is exclusively available in the US. The ActiGraft wound care system is available internationally only, already commercially available in 30 countries across five continents. RedDress is a privately held, Israel-based company with a U.S. subsidiary, RedDress Inc., located in Jacksonville, Florida. Founded in 2009 with the goal of developing more effective, natural, and economically viable treatments for chronic wounds, RedDress is dedicated to using its whole-blood technology to find solutions to other human ailments. For more information, please visit


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