JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — RedDress Medical, the American-Israeli medical company behind the advanced ActiGraft wound care systems, announced that their proprietary medical technology is now available in 40 countries across five continents, providing a viable alternative to more people around the world suffering from chronic and festering wounds that refuse to heal.


The 40 countries that RedDress has confirmed active commercial agreements with include Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, and more.

ActiGraft wound management systems produce in vitro blood clots from a patient’s own blood. Once applied, the autologous blood clot serves as a protective covering and initiates wound-healing processes — which naturally occur in the human body — giving diabetics, senior citizens, and others dealing with chronic wounds or healing deficiencies an additional tool to help them heal properly.


According to a study in the American Journal of Surgery, it is estimated that 1 to 2 percent of the world’s population will experience a chronic wound during their lifetime in developed countries. For developing countries, this is estimated to be higher. With more than 159 million people likely to experience a chronic wound in their lifetime, medical experts at RedDress say now is the time to address these issues with innovation and perseverance.


“With so many people across the globe living with healing-deficient medical conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity, it’s important that we not only develop a better treatment option for chronic wounds, but make it available to as many people as possible,” said Robert Mueller, general manager of RedDress. “We have found ActiGraft to be a very effective option for clinicians and healthcare systems globally. The combination of ActiGraft's efficacy and cost profile finally provides clinicians an advanced option where limited options existed before due to cost constraints. We are very pleased to be changing how the world delivers healing.”


According to RedDress, the company has already obtained FDA clearance, as well as its CE marking from the European Union (EU), for the ActiGraft wound care system. The EU CE marking indicates that a medical device complies with applicable regulations, allowing RedDress’ cutting-edge technology to be sold to countries within the EU and expediting the process to become available to additional EU countries.


Looking forward, RedDress is working to get ActiGraft integrated into the United Kingdom’s national health system and France’s universal health coverage system.


According to innovators from RedDress, the company plans to launch an upgraded wound management system to the ActiGraft suite of wound healing solutions in the fall of 2022. The soon-to-be-released wound care system features an advanced patented coagulant formula that produces a thick, easy-to-apply, whole blood clot, making wound care treatment more easily manageable for clinicians.


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About RedDress
RedDress is a privately held, Israel-based company with a U.S. subsidiary, RedDress Ltd., located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Founded in 2009 with the goal of developing more effective, natural, and economically viable treatments for chronic wounds, RedDress is committed to improving the health and lives of patients around the world with its latest innovation – ActiGraft.



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