TAMPA, Fla. – A wound care system helping elderly patients, diabetics and anyone struggling with healing deficiencies for stubborn wounds, will be showcased as a new and innovative solution at a medical conference in Tampa later this week as more doctors across a variety of specialties look to adopt the successful wound care treatment option for their patients. 

RedDress, the Florida-based medical company that developed ActiGraft wound care systems, is sharing its proprietary technology with Tampa medical experts at the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons’ (ASCRS) Annual Scientific Meeting scheduled to take place Apr. 30 - May 4 at the Tampa Convention Center.

Hand-selected by ASCRS, RedDress will be introducing their signature ActiGraft technology to attendees and Tampa Bay area medical professionals to provide a solution that quickly helps patients struggling to heal from complex colon and rectal surgeries, including anal fistula and pilonidal cyst procedures.

“We are honored to be invited to highlight ActiGraft innovative technology at ASCRS,” said Robert Mueller, general manager of RedDress. “This is a particular area of medicine that requires complex surgical procedures that most surgeons have very few advanced solutions when it comes to quickly and properly healing.  ActiGraft provides a highly effective and safe solution that can change patients' lives in only a few weeks, leading to less time to heal and ultimately less pain and discomfort.”

According to RedDress, ActiGraft has a 60 percent success rate confirmed by MRI at three months,* typically giving patients a 40-percent higher rate of success of healing when compared to the standard of care. .

More medical professionals from various areas of specialty are adopting ActiGraft into their toolbox as the preferred treatment method for stubborn wounds. 

“We’ve used ActiGraft on a multitude of cases spanning various injuries with tremendous success,” said Dr. Jarrod Kaufman, chairman of surgery at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus in Lakewood, New Jersey and founding member of Premier Surgical and Premier Vein Center. “I was very pleased with the outcomes my patients experienced and view this technology as the next evolution in wound care for treating patients.”

Additionally, ActiGraft recently made headlines after RedDress shipped 400 units of their advanced blood-clotting wound care systems to medical facilities in Ukraine, where doctors are utilizing ActiGraft to treat refugees and those injured during the Russian invasion.

ActiGraft is an FDA-cleared wound care system that enables health care providers to produce in vitro blood clots from a patient’s own blood. Once applied, the autologous blood clot serves as a protective covering and initiates wound-healing processes — which naturally occur in the human body — giving those with chronic wounds or healing deficiencies a viable, natural option to heal properly.

ActiGraft is quickly making a name for itself as the preferred treatment option, especially by doctors who treat complex chronic wounds like those often seen in amputations, post-surgical patients, diabetic patients, vascularly compromised patients, and those suffering from chronic and traumatic wounds. 

This is not the first time ActiGraft has been highlighted for its success. Last year, RedDress’s ActiGraft was recognized as one of the year’s Top 10 Innovations by Podiatry Today, a medical trade journal.

RedDress will be hosting an exhibitor booth at this year’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Attendees can see ActiGraft in person at Booth 1124 in the ASCRS New Tech Pavilion.


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