Did you know that clean cuts made by a scalpel during surgery are often more difficult to heal than jagged wounds caused by accidents? Healing the incision is one of the most difficult parts of recovering from surgery, but proper wound care can make it easier. Try these three tips to help your surgical wound heal faster.

Keep Your Wound Clean

Infection is a major risk after surgery, and keeping the incision clean and sterile is your top surgical wound care priority. Always follow your doctor's instructions for washing out your wound and cleaning the surrounding area. Avoid getting dirt and debris near the wound, and don't remove the bandage until your doctor says you can.

Avoid Soaking Your Wound

Surgical wounds should not get wet for the first 24 hours, so stick to sponge baths for the first day. Avoid soaking your wound in a bathtub, shower or pool until the bandage is removed and the incision is completely healed.

Limit Movement

Proper surgical wound care means not compromising your stitches, so limit your movements until after they're removed. Call your doctor right away if you notice that your incision is pulling apart or bleeding excessively.

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